SABC 2 brings you the comedy series Point Of Order, set to premiere on Friday, 11 December 2020 at 19h00. Point Of Order is an original, weekly panel show hosted by Queen of Comedy, legend in local comedy, and a much loved personality on our film and television screens, Madam Speaker Tumi Morake. This is where top comedians pretend they’re politicians and show off their knowledge of national and world affairs – or lack thereof.

It’s been a long year, South Africa, and it’s time to do what we do best: laugh at ourselves. It’s time for Point of Order, a TV show that’s set in a mock parliament where local comedians become “Government” and “Opposition”, and face off against each other in a series of rounds, each designed to test the knowledge, wit, and quick thinking ability of the comedians. And presiding over it all: Madam Speaker, gavel in hand, ready to keep order, and possibly even recognize people.

The show allows for SA’s top comedians to introduce important and vital new laws, like: there must be a compulsory quota of 90% local content when singing in the shower, and gives special guests a chance to talk ….. well politics, almost like real MPs do – perhaps only a little more intelligibly.

The format allows audiences to experience comedians in a new way. This isn’t fast paced stand up; this is a more off the cuff atmosphere. The comedians don’t know what’s coming next, we get to see their brains working in front of us, and they spark off each other, it’s a wonderful thing to see!

‘With the current state of affairs that we find ourselves in i.e. Covid19, escalating unemployment rate etc, the situation is dire where we have had to thread carefully in all we do. Point Of Order gives viewers that opportunity to sit back and also do something that we rarely do as South Africans and that is laugh at ourselves despite the challenges. We have assembled a variety of top notch comedians who will certainly make the show a laugh a minute affair from episode one – the likes of Loyiso Gola, Jason Goliath”.This you don’t wanna miss’. – Commented Morake.

Catch the new season of POINT OF ORDER starting on Friday, 11 December 2020 at 19h00 on SABC 2 You Belong.

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