1. Business:
Incorporate “business,” which refers to the use of physical actions, props, or objects within the scene to add depth to your character’s actions and motivations.

2. Body Language and Posture:
Use your body to convey the character’s emotions and intentions. Adjust your posture, gestures, and movements to reflect their state of mind.

3. Facial Expressions:
Master the art of facial expressions to communicate a wide range of emotions without speaking. Your eyes, brows, and mouth can convey joy, sadness, anger, or any other feeling.

4. Eye Contact and Gaze:
Direct your gaze to express your character’s focus, attraction, discomfort, or disinterest. The way you look at others can speak volumes.

5. Physicalization of Emotions:
Physically manifest the character’s emotions through actions like pacing when anxious, slumping when defeated, or dancing when joyful.



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