Coffeebreak is a time to unwind and get in touch with actors’ processes. Actor Spaces’ first guest of 2022 was Shoki Mmola and these are her nuggets of wisdom.

  1. Your gut will tell when you have tapped into the world of your greatest character.
  2. Believe and erase to build a character.
  3. Ask why? How? And What? When preparing for a character.
  4. Lie to yourself to prepare and believe for the character to avoid relating to your real life situation.
  5. You need to look flawless, you are a walking magazine.
  6. Dialogue, is a tennis game, is a give-and-take.
  7. When performing with other actors you need to be generous.
  8. Preparation is respect.
  9. Believe other actors will come prepared, when they look good, you look greater.
  10. Be true to yourself and believe in your character.
  11. Be generous to share with other actors what you know.
  12. It’s not about the reaction it’s about the source.
  13. Life happens but leave yourself and prepare to get into the character.
  14. Remember why you are in the character, that is a calling.
  15. An actor decides what to feel and decide how the audience must feel.
  16. When you perform it’s not just for you.
  17. Nothing happens by chance to choose the moments.
  18. Always know what happens where and when with your character.
  19. Be like a baby to enjoy and keep falling in love with acting.
  20. The day you lose the child in you as an actor, go look for another job.
  21. Acting is an experience.
  22. Ask yourself who you are.
  23. Know what your purpose is.
  24. Your body is a mission that is always running, take care of it.
  25. Your body is an office, keep it open as soon as you wake up and closed as you go to sleep.
  26. Don’t accept what doesn’t resonate with your office.
  27. Take yourself serious.
  28. Love for the work is what makes you great actor.
  29. Be on time and prepare.
  30. Have a great agent.
  31. Get training.
  32. Be willing to learn everyday.
  33. It’s okay to be nervous on your first day.
  34. Take a moment and breathe.
  35. What you don’t know you will learn along the way.
  36. Watch people, those are your character to become.
  37. Mess up, but never walk away.
  38. Forgive yourself.
  39. Always be prepared.

Coffeebreak is a time to unwind and get in touch with actors’ processes. Actor Spaces’ first guest of 2022 was Khanyi Mbau and these are her nuggets of wisdom.


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