Article by: John-Otto Phike, Article Contributor: Lindokuhle Mbonani, Photographer: Katlego Mokubyane, Photographer Assist: Sandile Mkhize, Junior Creative Direction: Modise Motaung, Creative assist : Thembi Zikalala, Production Coordinator: Siyanda Buthelezi, Wardrobe: Kojo Africa, Makeup: Phumzile Mhlongo

When the temperature is just right and you start seeing a bubbling effect, you can’t deny the excitement of the boil, that will soon make a statement and ultimately erupt, it brings a sense of joy for the THE NEXT to emerge.

THE NEXT! Is an Actor Spaces series that brings into frame some of the young impactful actors in the South African theatre, tv and film industry. The intention of the series is to continuously and consciously recognize the emerging talent that is en route to great things in the industry. What greater timing to share these individuals than in the month of impact… June 16, 1976.

THE NEXT! Previously titled New Breeds has kept the same intention but the direction had to be more robust and loud, as the youth are… look this way, take note because there’s a change in place.

This year we celebrate 4 South African young actors that are making career marks in their youth. In this series we look at the past as a reflection to continue to evolve the present for the future. This is evidently seen in the craft intentions of these actors and how they are fueled up to keep going.

The youth of 1976 will never be forgotten, their wit and stance echoes for eternity, this is where our creative lies. Songs from the roots of South Africa were suspended in the air while inspirational and historic conversations alternated in the studio leaving the actors and entire creative team really thinking, reflecting and answering to their moment of impact.

Every click of the camera was ushered by anticipation and ovation, each shot reliving moments from the 1970s-1990s.

Here we are archiving from archives. In frame for THE NEXT in 2022 is, Sicelo Buthelezi, Khojane Morai, Dineo Rasedile and Kwenzo Ngcobo, their names are tabled in wide conversations so it was only fitting to get to know them through representing some giants from 1976



Sicelo Buthelezi image by katlego Mokubyane for Actor Spaces

Preparation! Whoa! I think it was the greatest journey even though I didn’t see it at the time. I miss those days where I was late for rehearsals and going to training institutions. I remember I used to go to Moses Moleleka Arts Centre eTembisa. I miss when I didn’t even know that I was preparing myself for all of this but that process was just beautiful to witness. Beautiful because I understood the struggle, and I understand why I had to go through what I had to go through. Obviously I never knew this is how it was actually going to be. I loved every moment of it….. READ MORE


Khojane Morai image by katlego Mokubyane for Actor Spaces

In so many ways, I remember when I played Nolo on Lithapo Sabac2 , I used what most call method acting ,using my real life experiences. My personal experiences influenced my imagination and performance..READ MORE



Dineo Rasedile image by katlego Mokubyane for Actor Spaces

I think as an artist it’s important to adapt and to have your own style of preparing for the work that you will be doing at that time. Personally, I have done a lot of theater. I have taught myself to have my own way of preparing for projects, I have learned to master my elements of moving from one character to another. So it’s all about having your own way of working. Doing that has helped me a lot, I now know how to separate my characters and debriefing from previous characters so I adapt to other things that will help me prepare for the next character...READ MORE



Kwenzo Ngcobo image by katlego Mokubyane for Actor Spaces

It’s important to study. University taught me how to organize and manage my talent. In terms of knowing what to do to remain disciplined as an actor, respect, and understanding the system. People can easily get mixed up roles that are not meant for them and end up compromising the entire project. A project is about collaborating and working together as a team. There’s no number one, there’s us telling a story. It’s not about you as a person, but about the character that you’re portraying. The other people involved in the project want to push the story forward, respect the project by doing that you’re creating magic….READ MORE

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