Multi award winner Paul Slabolepszy’s latest play Borderline will have its world premiere at the Market Theatre from Friday 3 June – Sunday 3 July 2022.

Slabolepszy’s latest offering is a gripping and powerful drama that deals with complex family relationships and the consequences of unresolved trauma. Shot through with dark humour and surprising twists and turns, it is a journey that moves through darkness and despair to hope and healing.

The play follows the lives of a young couple Businessman Raymond Kruger and his wife of less than two years, Wellness & Beauty Shop Owner Faith Dlamini, who are in the process of emigrating to Canada.

As the only child of a single parent, Faith has foreseen the emotional impact this move will inevitably have on both her and her doting mother and prepares for it by tackling the issues of loss and separation head on. Husband Raymond’s situation is entirely different. His mother is deceased, his sister lives in the UK and he and his abusive father, a 1970s SA Border War veteran living in a retirement village in the Western Cape, have not spoken to each other in over twenty years. On the eve of their departure, Faith convinces her husband to reach out and make peace with an old man who, unable to deal with his own demons back in the day, made the lives of all those in his orbit a perpetual torment.

The experience of both Slabolepszy and Vanrenen will deliver to audiences a gut wrenching and emotional roller-coaster play with South Africans finest leading man and lady Anthony Coleman and Lerato Mvelase who will render powerful depictions of these intense characters.

Borderline is a three hander that promises to pack a sizzling punch and will give audiences a truly memorable experience!

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