Article by Adelaide Tsebe

Coffeebreak is a time to unwind and get in touch with actors’ processes. Actor Spaces’ first guest of 2022 was Khanyi Mbau and these are her nuggets of wisdom.

  1. As an actor forgive yourself for all you’re going through in the character.
  2. It’s your responsibility as an actor to make sure your character is happy.
  3. Respect for your character.
  4. Art imitates life.
  5. Innocence and ignorance sometimes can save you as an actor.
  6. Getting into the zone is not for the character, it is asking permission from yourself to be in the character (An Actor’s Prayer).
  7. If you’re not educated in acting, surround yourself with those who will teach you.
  8. Intimate scene is the death of an actor, for a character it’s healing.
  9. As an actor you must deal with what you feel when the time is right.
  10. Actors in production are crazy people.
  11. Actors go through mourning when leaving a character.
  12. It’s important to take a break from one production after another.
  13. Let the uncomfortableness of a character heal you.
  14. Have an honest conversation with other actors, it builds connection.
  15. An actor is selfless.

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