Article by Kea Zawadi

This week’s Actor of the Week (AOTW) goes to veteran actor Clementine Mosimane for her role as Matshepo Mokobane in the telenovela The Estate.

Mosimane is a South African veteran actress best known for her starring role as Thandi Mazwai in the SABC1 drama series Soul City, from 1994-2003. She also starred in the film ‘Poppie Nongena’ as Poppie.

The Estate is a daily drama that unconvers issues born to everyday South Africans. It is also a conversation starter on land grab and expropriation within the South African construction landscape. Mosimane plays a loyal domestic worker at Echelon Estate, in The Estate. She is committed to protecting her husband’s secret betrayal, even though the truth will always be brought to light.

In the scene, which got Mosimane her AOTW nomination, the truth about her husband’s remains was brought to light. She was overcome by shock and grief as the news was relayed.

We saw Mosimane tell a story with her eyes. She carried pain and stillness. Her back was hunched as she was embraced by her son, not saying a word but we knew exactly what she was feeling. Mosimane displayed control in her emotions, first as a mother who has to emotionally take care of her son and second, as a woman grieving her husband’s untimely death. An actor who can display emotions within context, is an actor that understands the world of their character.

Her consistency and commitment to story-telling is the reason why she is a phenomenal actress.

We applaud Clementine for her outstanding work


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