Audition Alert – The Queen

Ferguson Films are on the lookout for 4 of Brutus’ sons on #TheQueenMzansi


Cebo Khoza

Male, early 20s Archetype: The peacemaker

In a chaotic house filled with boys who are constantly bickering with each other, he’s always been the calm amidst the storm. He’s a man of reason, unwilling to let himself be ruled by emotion.

Cebo’elihle doesn’t always speak much but when he does, he imparts the kind of wisdom that is beyond his years. More than anything, Cebo is an advocate for peace.


Mlungisi Khoza

Male, late 20s Archetype: The Rebel

Mlungisi is the self-proclaimed fixer. He’s a fighter and is convinced that he has the solutions to every problem but it usually involves fists and a gun. He’s trigger happy and always itching for a fight. He’s unremarkable as a person, the average guy who’s always been overlooked. No one sees him and so he’s constantly fighting for attention.


Nkosiyabo Khoza

Male, 21
Archetype: The Heir

Nkosiyabo is the last born. He’s always had things easy and has always been a little too spoiled. Especially by his father. The apple of his eye. Nkosi loves nice things. He’s the young cheese boy who women seem to be drawn to. He’s flashy, loves to party and never wants to work hard for much in his life.

Nkosi overestimates himself and is constantly getting himself into trouble.


Nqobizitha Khoza

Male, mid 30s

Archetype: The Black Sheep

Nqobizitha is the eldest of Brutus’ sons. The black sheep of the family who’s always misunderstood.

Nqobi is defensive, entitled and feels robbed of his place as the head of the family.

Nqobi unconsciously dresses just like his father, wearing Brutus’ signature Brentwood trousers. They have the same manner of speech.


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