Compiled by Adelaide Tsebe

Coffeebreak is a time to unwind and get in touch with actors’ processes. This week, our guest was Noxolo Dlamini and these are her nuggets of wisdom.


  1. Always keep active, for mental and physical maintenance.


  1. Be careful and disciplined.


  1. Get out of your comfort zone.


  1. Be okay with learning new things.


  1. Always teach yourself something.


  1. Don’t be too conscious, especially when using a mirror to translate/recognize your emotions.


  1. Acting is playing, it’s fun.


  1. Making a performance of a character colorful is fully adding personality to it.


  1. Be comfortable with yourself.


  1. Some things about a character cannot be taught, you need to practice and know them as an individual.


  1. Play around with your monologue.


  1. Look out to play for characters that are an opposite of you.


  1. Do the work from a good heart.


  1. Not everyone is gonna like you as a person. Not everyone is gonna like you as a performer.


  1. Give a performance without holding back.


  1. Be forgiving of yourself, and others.


  1. Getting in and out of characters can have a psychological impact, we’re human not machines.


  1. They’re things you need to prepare that work for your mental strength


  1. Work on yourself.


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