Compiled by Adelaide Tsebe

Coffeebreak is a time to unwind and get in touch with actors’ processes. This week, our guest was Nolwazi Ngubeni and these are her nuggets of wisdom.


  1. Everyone of us has capabilities within.


  1. Be disciplined and work hard.


  1. Respect yourself and your performance level.


  1. Take yourself serious.


  1. Always come prepared.


  1. Use social media to market yourself, for free.


  1. Times change, stories change as we evolve, and the world shift hence we must allow the change.


  1. We must adapt to the change we are in.


  1. You must give yourself time and break to understand the industry.


  1. We must not be hard on ourselves and forgive ourselves when things are not working out.


  1. What can you do to find yourself.


  1. Have self time sometimes.


  1. Be the vessel that bring the character into life.


  1. Performance training helps a lot.


  1. Connect to a certain place within yourself to tap into the character.


  1. Your first reaction is always the right one, Instinct tick.


  1. Onset open to the present energy in space.


  1. The industry is not for the faint-hearted.


  1. You must commit yourself to decide to stay.

  1. What towards committing the work to yourself and decide.


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