Coffeebreak Nuggets with Anele Siswana

Compiled by Adelaide Thebe

Coffeebreak is a time to unwind and get in touch with actors’ processes. This week, our guest was Anele Siswana and these are his nuggets of wisdom.

  1. Never diagnose yourself spiritually, mentally or physically.
  2. As an actor sometimes you lose motivation. Align yourself.
  3. The source of an actor comes from within.
  4. Mental Health is invisible, we only see the behavior.
  5. Our language reinforces the stigmatism of mental health.
  6. Social spaces are triggers of stigmatism if not managed accordingly.
  7. Language of success has never been a definition of it, especially in African people.
  8. Everything from outside, affirms what is already inside.
  9. Being an actor, is not being an influencer.
  10. There is a difference between a spiritually called actor and a trained actor.
  11. Trained actors do what they have to do, a spiritually called actor works from within.
  12. Respect time and space.
  13. Not getting it at the time does not mean you are incapable.
  14. You will struggle and be depressed if all you want is fame.
  15. You will experience imposter syndrome if you don’t want to do things with understanding.
  16. After rejections, possibly ask for feedback to know how to better yourself next time.
  17. We see the product, and not the process, hence there’s lack of support from external spaces.
  18. Be gentle with yourself.
  19. Learn to celebrate yourself in the absence of those who don’t see it for you.
  20. Workout the elements in your childhood to see things for yourself in future.
  21. Reconstruct your mind.
  22. Do the work.
  23. Seeing yourself everyday is constant work.
  24. Therapy becomes a lifestyle, is not a luxury.
  25. Do self inner work, to avoid struggling contents leading to negative mental health.
  26. Trauma can become an everyday incident experience.
  27. Trauma becomes visible in future, in processes of auditions and interviews.
  28. There’s a difference between work and doing the work.

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