Kids Content You’ll find coming to Netflix this December

Kayko and Kokosh – Netflix Film

Two Slavic warriors do everything in their power to defend the village of Mirmiłowo from the evil order of Knaveknights.


Kayko and Kokosh: Season 2 – Netflix Kids & Family

From an all-inclusive vacation to an extravagant Sweet 16 party, Kayko and Kokosh continue to stumble into different misadventures.


Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous: Season 4 – Netflix Kids & Family

The campers leave Isla Nublar behind, only to wash ashore on strange new terrain that’s crawling with threats — and closely guarded secrets.


Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas – Netflix Kids & Family

When Shaun’s hunt for a bigger stocking hits a snag, the whole farm sets out on a wild holiday adventure — complete with a sleigh!


Centaurworld: Season 2 – Netflix Kids & Family

Horse embarks on a mission to build an army and defeat the Nowhere King. It won’t be easy, but she’s got the herd by her side — and Rider back home.


Go Dog Go: Season 2 – Netflix Kids & Family

Adventurous pups Tag and Scooch are going everywhere this season, from exciting places all around Pawston to the bright lights of Chew York City!


StarBeam: Beaming in the New Year – Netflix Kids & Family

Summersette’s biggest baddies join forces on New Year’s Eve to battle Zoey and the Beam Team. But cool cousin Zara powers up to help save the day!


Fast & Furious Spy Racers: Season 6: Homecoming – Netflix Kids & Family

The final season takes the Spy Racers around the world — from the Alps to the Arctic and back home to LA — as they battle their toughest enemy ever!


Word Party Presents: Math! – Netflix Kids & Family

Count numbers, compare shapes and find patterns with baby animals Franny, Bailey, Kip, Lulu and Tilly as they use math and sing songs to solve problems.


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