Compiled by Adelaide Tsebe

Coffeebreak is a time to unwind and get in touch with actors’ processes. This week, our guest was Nozuko Ntshangase and these are her nuggets of wisdom.

  • You constantly need to be sure of who you are compared to who you’re creating.
  • The idea of playing words, actions and character can be drowning and challenging to the person you are, your spirit and your soul.
  • Whatever you practice more, you become.
  • Remind yourself of who you are and leave the character when in your personal space.
  • Express yourself outside of doing the job.
  • Understand every personality that you have.
  • Be aware of your internal conflict.
  • Being in a space of confusion can lead to a dark space of not knowing what to do.
  • Mentally be healthy and in control.
  • Wake up each day and do what gives you peace.
  • Constantly learn lessons, understand there are seasons to go through things.
  • Your soul will always tell the truth, the mind fights because of the trauma you’ve been in.
  • Be aware of the moment.
  • Use the internet to your advantage, to build yourself (YouTube, SAGA, Actor Spaces).
  • If you want to be an actor, be in action.
  • Read and read the right books.
  • At some point, release and let go.

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