Coffeebreak Nuggets with Dr Jerry Mofokeng

Compiled by Adelaide Tsebe
  1. We all have flops, just know how to handle it.
  2. When you are more experienced, allow people around you to learn and rejoice instead of being scared.
  3. I act with young people, hence I pour myself out every time.
  4. Multiplying myself in the young people is what I do.
  5. There is no use in doing things exactly how they were done before, in other words you are just a copycat. Leave A mark.
  6. Have a way of doing things in your own way, own it.
  7. Find the truth of the character and the truth of the moment you’re in.
  8. Get help when not feeling okay, go for counseling “Tlogela bo clever”
  9. I pray for every phase of my life, especially in making decisions.
  10. Today I create jobs, I don’t have to look for one.
  11. Discipline, Professionalism, stillness and power of the moment.
  12. Theatre puts the principle of acting in you.


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