Actor Tools : Workshop| The Stigma of Mental-Health for Actors


This workshop aims to create a safe place for discussions around the stigma that has been built up around mental-health and wellbeing.

As actors we constantly access our emotions to do our job. The work we provide is built upon creating worlds that echo true life. But sometimes this can become overbearing. How do we allow ourselves the ability to create space for mental wellbeing when we are constantly looking for the next job?
This is why SAGA is hosting our online based workshop on Mental Wellbeing as an actor. What we are looking to achieve with this is allow actors to create great work, but also allow themselves the freedom to maintain a healthy life!
Our hosts for the workshop are industry professionals Nina Hastie and Rozanne McKenzie who have been able to create strong and healthy careers. They are joined by Reabetsoe Noge who is a senior manager at LifeLine Johannesburg where we seek to dis-arm the stigma around mental health and successful careers.

Nina Hastie is a seasoned South African stand up comedian who has performed at every major (and minor) venue in the country as well as at all major comedy festivals in South Africa.

Reabetsoe Noge
Connect Counselling and Employee Wellness Services Manager – LifeLine Johannesburg
Rozanne McKenzie is a well-known news anchor, presenter, MC, actress, producer and voiceover artist based in Johannesburg.

Be sure to book your place by registering for our Zoom session.
Date: 29th September 2021
Time: 16:00 – 18:00
Place: Register HERE

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