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We are in the digital era of doing business and there has been an increasing demand for voice talent. From the voice of Google, to Advertisements, to explainer ads, to radio ads, animations and corporate training…voice acting is everywhere.

What does it take to be a Voice- Actor ?

  • Start off by getting used to reading and voicing out loud.
  • Practice and look after your voice to create a memorable and distinct voice performance
  • Know the different tones of voice, the different speech patterns and inflections that fit your particular voice.
  • Watch commercials, cartoons, or play video games, study professional voice actor’s work and immerse yourself in the role you’re given.
  • Developing technical skills, you need to learn how to record and edit your voice clips/demo, learning to set- up and use audio equipment isn’t hard, it just needs practice.

Top 5 Voice Acting Techniques :

  1. Having a routine to help transform into your roles, a 5-minute facial expression exercise and 30-minute vocal warmups in complete silence makes a good mantra before entering the recording studio.
  2. Visualize your character, how your character physically looks and how they move will help you create the most suitable voice for your character. Test different body movements in the recording booth, hand gestures and facial expressions whilst reading the script and give it your all. These motions will elevate your performance as you reflect your character’s actions just by using your voice.
  3. Understand the words in the script, this will allow you to express your character’s motivation in moving forward, their actions and steer the objective of the scene. Focus on your lines and deliver with consistency.
  4. Even though you’re reading a script, make it sound conversational. Pace yourself well and make sure audiences can hear you and not have to decipher what you’re saying.
  5. Believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in your own voice, how can you make other people believe in it? When recording in the booth, do it with confidence, that’ll shine through in your reads.

How much do Voice-over Actors earn ?

  • Voice-over actors are able to make a decent living in South Africa. You need to understand the range of voice acting salaries that you can expect to earn from different types of voice over work.

Every voice over project will belong to a different category of work with its own market distribution, with an industry rate that will directly determine the amount of money you’ll earn from the project.

  • According to the PMA voice-over rates recorded between 29 March 2020 to 29 February 2021for recording in these categories are as follows:
  • Cinema/Radio/Television R 1010.00 per artist per script.
  • All long form categories No less than R 1010.00 per artist per script

These are to be discussed PRIOR to the recording depending on how much needs to be re-done or added. For more details on the rates recorded 2020/2021, see below for the PMA website :


Top Acting Voice-Over Categories

  • Commercials (television, radio, web shows)
  • Animation (movies, television, and web shows)
  • Narration (images or motion pictures/ documentaries)
  • Audio Books
  • E – Learning (phone apps, websites, or even educational institutions.)
  • Corporate (presentations or announcements for large companies)
  • Gaming (Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo to Mobile and PC games

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