Break-away with | Tsholofelo Matshaba

Compiled by Adelaide Tsebe
  1. Charity begins at home, always start with “Dumelang Bagolo”
  2. Humble yourself, know your place and remain humble.
  3. Your Artistic suitcase must always be ready to be filled.
  4. Appreciate directors telling you to push.
  5. When you don’t understand, ask…and ask politely.
  6. Be “naked” on stage
  7. Ask yourself who are you representing in your character at all times, and give it your all
  8. If you are the tree that day, be the best tree for the day.
  9. Playing Different characters should not hinder the real you.
  10. Always stay in character while in the scene. When you are not present, it shows.
  11. Art imitates life, sometimes it’s your life as an artist that it imitates.


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