MMArt House | Beautiful Chaos | Collabroration Exhibition


Winds Will Get Stronger, Rains Will Try To Dampen Our Spirits But We’ll Always Adjust Our Sails To Reach Our Destination.
We Choose To Dance On Water


A year after his debut solo exhibition “Ugeza Ngobisi”, Tshepiso Seleke launches his street photography portfolio in an exhibition that brings about a marriage of three disciplines of art; photography, painting and digital illustration. In this show he invites digital illustrator Tabudi Mamabolo and art student Samkelo Matomela to share the stage with him and render their own interpretations of his images through their artistic mediums and offering them a platform that is so hard to come by for young artists.






Samkelo Matomela (b. 1996) is an artist proof studio student, currently in his second year. One encounters a butterfly motif throughout his works, as a symbol which recognises, changes and conquers circumstance – morphing into the better as he wishes for the people and communities that he interacts with. The butterfly represents hope and a further assertion that we don’t have to forever be at the mercy of these sordid and inequitable political, social and economical conditions.






Tabudi Mamabolo (b. 1991) is a conceptual graphic designer/Illustrator who started his creative journey in 2011 at the Imagination Lab, a Vega Cafe Initiative. His work is situated within the context of everyday life, for it is there that our spirits dwell and stand in need of comfort and shelter. The discourse of personal conviction, courage and spirit, through his illustrations renters the everyday as a constructive undertaking, especially for the youth allowing them to engage in necessary praxis to disrupt the and reshape the system of values which upholds the inequitable structures that subjugates them.


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