Siya and Rachel Kolis executive producers on the gender-based violence-themed short film, “#WeAreDyingHere”


#WeAreDyingHere” is an adaptation of the critically acclaimed stage performance of the same name created by writer and performer Siphokazi Jonas who directed the original stage production. The performance made intentional waves, gaining a mention in TimeOut New York as one of the best productions to stream during the lockdown.

#WeAreDyingHere chronicles the journey of three soldiers forced to survive in a war that they did not choose. As the war against women rages around them, they attempt to find solace to process their pain under the constant threat of their enemy lurking in the shadows. #WeAreDyingHere engages directly with the violent culture of harassment, abuse, rape and femicide, it is a necessary pause, an exhale and insight into the experience of living as a woman.

“I am tired of feeling helpless and afraid as a woman in South Africa,” Jonas insists. “Before work began on creating “#WeAreDyingHere”, I felt as if art has no real place in terms of true change in the world; a film is not going to change murderous intent. But a fellow writer reminded me that our work gives us language and helps us to articulate ourselves and that’s what we hope “#WeAreDyingHere” will elicit.


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