Actor Tools | 3 ways to take control of your audition

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Auditions will always be about selling yourself, regardless of your level of experience as an actor, the objective to obtain something you really want. Here are few tips.


Read the brief carefully. It may sound obvious, but you should have a strong idea of the scene and character. You can never trick this process of the audition, an unprepared actor will also reflect on the other side of the screen. Create a system that gives you full understanding of the task. Do the script work, understanding of the script and character.

  • What they say about themselves
  • What other characters say about them
  • What the playwright or screenwriter says about them


Forget about all your bills, traffic, forget about the before and the after. Its very important for an actor to completely present in an audition room. Being present gives u a feeling of total security allows you to be your true self in the room, allowing casting director to connect with an honest actor.

  • Breathing exercises
  • Morning meditation
  • Rest early the night before


Yes, get to know him/her. You might not know the whole story from the side but scan for clues that will help you to re/create this character. If not, use your own best judgement. Connect with your character and don’t judge, ever.


Your personality is what’s going to win you the audition, so make sure to always be yourself and have fun!!!


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