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We are in a new normal, what’s your adjusted daily routine?

New normal indeed, no one day is the same. I’m busy on different sets at the moment and blessed to still be working during these difficult times.

Housekeepers season 2 is here what can we expect in your performance?

I love Linda Ndlovu very much, and try to be true and honest in bringing forth her story, she has experienced many heartaches, and is a resilient queen. I hope that comes across.

What was your process preparing to play Lindi?

In the very first season I sat with the then director, Amanda Lane and Ma Clementine Mosimane, who plays June, Linda’s mother. We created a backstory that exists outside of the actual script and this helped to truly resonate with the route of the character.

Viewers couldn’t stop raving about your performance in season 1, what’s the pressure for season 2?

Haha, the pressure is to out act myself. I am constantly trying to better myself, so that’s the good part. I’m also very pleased and scared to compete with myself.

Whats does it mean to you, to invest in your craft?

I think there couldn’t be a better time than now, while most people are forced to stay at home, use this time to invest in an acting couch, update your profile, watch masterclasses and constantly try to consume information. I think like any business it’s about finding different ways to take what you do to the next level.

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