‘They’ve Gotta Have Us’: A Brilliant docuseries shooting light on History of Black Cinema


The three-part docuseries was acquired by Ava DuVernay’s ARRAY and will premiere on February 5 on Netflix.

In it, UK-based artist, photographer, broadcaster, and filmmaker, Simon Frederickhighlights the impact of art, activism, and race on Black cinema. It features in-depth interviews with some of Hollywood’s most iconic voices including Harry Belafonte, Diahann Carroll, John Singleton, Robert Townsend, David Oyelowo, John Boyega, Kasi Lemmons, and Barry Jenkins among others.

The series also includes clips from and commentary about such seminal films as Carmen Jones, Claudine, Lilies of the Field, Do The Right Thing, Boyz in the Hood, Hollywood Shuffle, Black Panther and Moonlight.

“As a company whose mission is to amplify voices of people of color, They’ve Gotta Have Us speaks directly to our highest ideas of inclusion, cultural context, and community. Not only are we introducing an exciting artist like Simon Frederick to a new audience, but his project shares the stories of Black Cinema’s most influential filmmakers and actors,” said ARRAY President Tilane Jones.


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