Telenovela’s continue unabated on SABC 2 and the month of January sees the premiere of a new telenovela called LITHAPO (ties that bind) starting on Monday, 13 January 2020 at 21h30.

The telenovela stars the industry’s crème de la crème like Joyce Skefu, Seputla Sebogodi, Mangaliso Ngema, Israel Zulu and Sthandiwe Kgoroge, who makes a return to the screen after a long hiatus blended with some new fresh, exciting young talent.

Filming on Lithapo began in early October on location in Qwaqwa and continues in Johannesburg. The story opens when the young Nolo’s mother suddenly dies and he decides to leave QwaQwa to find the father he never knew. The young man leaves his rural birthplace to secure his birthright: his father’s name.

Finding the mysterious man in the big city of Johannesburg is not easy but eventually he does. He settles in Alex and gets caught up in the dog-eat-dog world of a township that is on fire with protests and despair. Meanwhile, ‘across the road’ but a world away in Sandton, lives the Hlongwane family. Their lives are the opposite of his, but their destinies are intertwined. A love triangle develops when he falls in love with Pabi, a young woman who also becomes involved with the head of the Hlongwane family. The passions between Pabi and Nolo are thwarted from the start, but when he finds out that everything, he believed about his life has been a lie, Nolo must choose between father and mother, loyalty and love, good and evil – all against the backdrop of a tumultuous country that, like him, is trying to redefine its identity.

“SABC 2 is excited to welcome a brand new Sesotho telenovela aimed at captivating the audiences with authentic, local storytelling capturing the spirit of both our traditional rural communities in and the buzz of kasi life. The viewers can look forward to seeing the difference of both the streets of Qwaqwa and Sandton through the lens of an enchanting story. We are also most excited that Quizzical Pictures gathered a strong cast and talent second to none. As the Channel, we also continue to keep our promise of bringing our audience more gripping drama in the 21h30 slot and we hope that LITHAPO will deliver to both ours and the viewer’s expectations. This is definitely another telenovela from the Channel everyone can look forward to” said SABC 2 Programme Manager – Jacqui Hlongwane.

“Telling a Sesotho story in a saturated telenovela market, we chose to tackle issues around class, sexuality, land and race head-on in the hopes that audiences would find the issues relevant, and the show entertaining, especially across the magnificent backdrop that is Qwa-Qwa. From the very beginning of the writing process, we knew that something special was brewing, and that this project would task us with the responsibility of enthralling, amusing, educating and entertaining our audience, all of which the script delivered. We however could not have anticipated the extent to which the cast would surpass on these deliverables.” Commented Siphiwe Hlabangane, Producer, Quizzical Pictures
Lithapo debuts on SABC 2 Mondays to Wednesdays starting on 13 January 2020 at 21h30. You don’t wan to miss it!

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