Article by Nkateko Ngobeni

Dr. John Kani is an award-winning actor and playwright best known for plays such as, Sizwe Banzi Is Dead, Nothing but The Truth, Master Harold… and the boys, The Island, The Tempest –just to mention a few. His most recent film rows include The Lion King (voicing Rafiki) that is currently in cinemas, Black Panther, The Suit, Coriolanus, How to steal two million, Captain America, Murder and Mystery, The End Game and Civil War. SHNIT celebrates its tenth anniversary this year with Dr. John Kani joining the Jury panel alongside cinematographer Gaopie Kabe, director and comedian Kagiso Legida and writer Lauren Beukes. The festival runs concurrently on five continents: in Bern, Cairo, Bangkok, Hong Kong, San Jose, Buenos Aires, Cape Town and Moscow from 17 to 28 October.

In support of SHNIT and the short film genre, Dr. John Kani says “short films are like small business entities, investing more money and energy into them results in a thriving film industry in any country.” The Short Film Festival is driven by its desire to support diverse locally produced films and encourages cultural exchange. The festival will showcase close to 200 films in a wide range of themes and styles that have between one to forty minutes to get the communication across. All South African films screened will be qualified for the made in South Africa Audience Award however international submissions will compete for a collective International Competition Audience Award. Films will be exhibited at the Labia and the Alexandra Bar and other festival venues.


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