Images by: David Maja
Writer: Crystal Joy

As a growing actress and writer, I’m understanding the
power of intention and the effectiveness it holds in our day to day lives. Practicing intentionality in my personal world inspired me to question my relationship with it in my professional. How do I fill my projects with purpose? Who am I speaking to? In what ways can my audience relate to my stories and the characters?

With the changes in the U.S. government and local administrations across the states, artists have used their films, music, and creative work as a form of activism. Immigration, police brutality, LGBTQ rights, women empowerment, abortion laws, the injustices in the prison system –I’ve seen an increase with these subject matters in films over the last few years. With everything that I’m watching and inspired by, I’m learning that intention isn’t just about what you think is right or wrong but about getting people to wake up to something.

My Instagram script series was my way of challenging how I delivered my art. I wanted to reach people in what felt like a face to face interaction. Nowadays, everyone is ‘busy’. We’re all juggling an imprudent amount of tasks and responsibilities, and for many of us, we feel like we’re failing. I knew that if I could capture the reality of being a modern-day adult into a fictitious character I would make a genuine connection with my followers. Part of that connection was using myself and the things I formerly or currently struggle with.

I’m learning to set a tone with my work by focusing on what I want to say and how I want it said. You don’t need car chases and explosions to make an impression; when you’re Indie it may feel like you are boggled down with constraints, but use those limitations towards your advantage. Subtle can be impactful, motive can be inspirational, and a great message can open hearts. Be intentional in your expression and deliberate in your delivery. Your art will thank you later.

Instagram Script Series: Nights


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