Images by: Mlungisi Mlungwana | Creative Director Ayanda Sithebe | Make-up by Phumzile Mhlongo |
Editor: Mandisa Vundla


1. Any Hidden talents we don’t know about?

Soccer. During my high school years, I was known as one of the best soccer players you could find around schools and my hood.

2. How did you break into the industry?
I wouldn’t say I’ve found a break-through yet because I still go a couple of months with no job hence I’m trying to create my own work. However, I’m positively paving my way into the industry.

3. What is acting?
For me, it’s as simple as reflecting the truth; tell stories; create conversations and address issues.

4. Is there anything that you would give up acting for?
I have mega-love for music but I doubt I would give up drama for music.

5. Who and what are your acting inspirations and why?
Denzel Washington; Tyler Perry; James Batman to name the few. Every artist that creates their own work inspires me.

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6. If you could change one thing about the acting industry what would it be?
The system, how things work between actors and production.

7. Television, Stage or Film?
All of the above as long as I’m telling stories, but I’m more rooted in theatre cause it’s where I started.

8. Three things you want to be remembered for?
Good representative to our people.
An Actor who loves his job at all times.
Closing the gap between international and our local


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