Zikhona Bali
Images by: Mlungisi Mlungwana | Creative Director Ayanda Sithebe | Make-up by Phumzile Mhlongo |
Editor: Mandisa Vundla


1. What’s your biggest obsession?
Finding new music and new toiletries, that’s a weird obsession. And food.

2. How did you break into the industry?

I started on ekasi stories, cameos here and there. After attending Indigo View Actors Academy things started looking up with a lot of resilience. Is’thunzi was my big deal ‘blow’. I’m still working on the ‘breaking-into’.

3. What is acting?
I have a new answer every time I’m asked this question. Acting is portraying a character truthfully. It’s a pathway to my truth. I love being able to give life to an idea and see it through by wearing the character’s shoes; the way they walk, talk, interact and affect other people.

4. Is there anything that you would give up acting for?
I’ve given up a lot including the rich life.



5. Who and what are your acting inspirations and why?
Recently Mel Gibson, because he’s a genius behind and in front of the camera. Zola Nombona, she acts, dances and sings. She’s a powerhouse. Warren Masemola, he can be ANYTHING, that’s f****n amazing. If you can be anything as an actor, jeez…Fly! Albert Silindokuhle Ibokwe Khoza; taping into the untouched worlds and being comfortable with being different, that’s beautiful, on and off stage. Bhuti Hamilton Dhlamini: the detail. Amanda Lane, her stories and how insightful she is. I also look into the day to day life; people I see; and over-hearing their stories.

6. If you could change one thing about the acting industry what would it be?
Actors should be paid their proper worth and project funding in the arts should be accessible to the masses.

7. Television, Stage or Film?
I enjoy all the 3 because they’re different. Stage, is my 1st love though. Stage is sensitive, there’s more time for briefing and work-shopping, you discover more than you would with Television. Film is specific, you can shoot 3 scenes for 12 hours. Television is more fast pace, one needs to be very independent. This is my opinion from my experiences.

8. Two things you want to be remembered for
Being present for my family.
Being truthful to my character.


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