On the 4th of November, Actor Spaces officially launched its first ‘One Day Acting Master Class’:
an all-day affair with six facilitators and a fully booked class filled with eager aspiring actors.
The morning kicked in slows with people coming from as far as the North West to learn the fundamentals of acting; acting for the camera and what it takes to unhinge the body and to utilize the space. Choreographer Themba Mthabela kick-started the day and centered all energies in the room with a 1h30 min dance class which entailed body movement, breathing control and a lot of sweat. “Getting the body to loosen up is a challenge I always face with beginners, we just need more time.” He says.


Ernest Mahomane followed with a class on movement cementing Mathabela’s lesson on body movement, expressing that“how you move determines your connection to others.”
Guest Facilitator Thabo Rametsi joined hands with founder and CEO of Actor Spaces, Ayanda Sithebe to outline ‘the fundamentals of acting’ and the importance of committing to your development as an actor and learning to let your self go in order to fill your character’s shoes with honestly.

The excitement in Ayanda’s voice when he says “today I was reminded why we started this space; for development. It’s so fulfilling knowing that we had an impact in someones life and knowing that we gave them direction in their career path.” Sithebe sings Rametsi’s praises and says he looks forward to the day when people will attend a master class run by Rametsi himself.

We couldn’t end off without notes from actors Pallance Dladla and Sdumo Mtshali. They held it down with a class on ‘acting for the camera’ by bringing the set into the learning space. They set up shop with a camera, a screen and Ntokozo Buthelezi as the boom swinger. They were the directors guiding aspiring actors on what to be weary of when shooting on set. Sdumo Mtshali focused more on helping actors to find the truth in every scene while Dladla says: “I was focusing more on the technical aspect of the set; how you work with the camera from a wide angle shot to a medium and a close up and the importance of understanding the different frames in relation to your body language.” he sheds more light, “usually when you get to set, you don’t know who you’re working with so you must break the ice. Film is a very slow process, don’t rush!”

The Actor Spaces Master Class was the first of many to follow. We look forward to engaging and helping to develop aspiring actors in the future. Keep your eyes on the site for the next master class.
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