The Multi award winning hit film and Africa’s first made for cinema dance film Hear Me Move TM is back with a hit educational theatre production set to take Gauteng Schools by storm. Produced by respected actor and producer Wandile Molebatsi on behalf of Coal Stove Pictures, the production is set to bring back some of the talent from Hear ME Move TM film together for the first time since the making of the film in 2015. Award winning Choreographer Paul Modjadji, sensational actress, dancer, choreographer and presenter of 808 Bontle Modiselle, Mbuzo Kharebe recently back on the big screen with She is King, are some of the names secured for the new franchise. Alongside E-TV Star Nyaniso Dzedze will be taking the message against Gender Based Violence to schools around Guateng .

Known for propelling the careers of Bontle Modisele, Nnyanyiso Dzedze and Mbuso Kharibe into the limelight, the new offering is looking to grow the Hear Me Move TM Team. This new talent will, alongside these past stars, bring the stage production to life. Singers, dancers and actors are invited to audition for the stage production on Tuesday the 7th of November at Dansazania in Melville.

Production Synopsis
H e a r M e M o v e TM brings you an educational tour that aims to address abuse, gender based violence and bullying in schools. We will follow a young budding crew as they chase dreams and crash land into the deafening realities that their fellow crew mates must brave. We challenge our society to probe deeper into legacies of societal myths, the phenomenon of ‘indoda ayikhali’ (Boys don’t cry) and ‘imbokodo iyabekezela’ (Women must suffer in silence) and so many other myths that have deluded our youth into perpetuating our homes, and every street corner, as the breeding ground for gender violence. Our audiences will also partake in a workshop that allows for dialogue in the true spirit of our budding democracy, and creating a society that is conducive for the country we all desire.

I am your sister, I am your brother, I am your friend, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your daughter, your son, umshana wakho, indodakazi wakho, but most importantly, I am human and I #IwillDoBetter #ICandoBetter – End of Synopsis

Wandile Molebatsi the producer of the film said Dance and music have always carried mysterious powers of healing and expression in our Communities. Through the special medium of storytelling we hope to entertain young scholars in schools to consider healthy ways of expressing their anger and communication. The educational theatre show is a response to alarming cases of gender based

violence in our schools, and a call to action for all of us to educate each other about gender based violence and safety in our schools and communities.

We are looking for new talent to help us carry this important message to young boys and girls in our schools.

Through this production we hope to educate young people that sexual abuse and violence is not the answer and is certainly not ok!!

Contact: Wandile Molebatsi 076 279 1140 / Paul Modjadji 065 889 0464

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