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Our Actor of the week title goes to two phenomenal actors from the cast of Sophia Town currently running at the Market theatre. Christine Van Hees & Joel Zuma!

Christine plays a Jewish girl named “Ruth Golden” who out of curiosity responds to an advert for a vacant room in Sophia Town, she leaves her comfortable life behind to explore the unknown.Christine plays this character with great poise & truth.

Joel Zuma’s character is Charlie; a servant to Mingus who is part of one of the most feared gangs in the community. Joel portrays this character with such honesty and understanding and even though he rarely says much in the first three quarters of the show; the audience gracefully travels with him throughout his character’s journey. Both these performers did an exceptional job, so we saw it fit for them to share our “Actor of the week” title. If you’re looking to go down memory lane, experience thought provoking theatre and have fun all at the same time, go see Sophia Town at the Market theatre which runs till the 17th of April.

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