An incoming alien invasion will rock the country when the exciting new local animation feature,
HEADSPACE, is released at cinemas nationally on 15 September.
Max, Gus and Sophie, esteemed but nano-sized members of the indomitable Space Protection Force
(SPF) are on a quest to save humanity, and earth itself, from the intergalactic threat of the villainous

In this exciting sci-fi adventure, we follow the three SPF members who must join forces with 14-year-old
Norman, and his school friends to foil an attempt by the egomaniacal Zolthard and his army of droids to
invade the planet. To further complicate matters, Zolthard has managed to take control of the school
principal, Mrs Witherington. In a race against time, Norman and his friends, guided by Max, Gus and
Sophie, must work together to outsmart Zolthard and his goons.
Co-directed by Gerhard Painter and Paul Meyer of Johannesburg’s Luma Animation (Shaka Ilembe CGI &
VFX and Kings of Joburg 2 CGI & VFX) and produced by The Ergo Company’s Dumi Gumbi (Mrs Right Guy,
The Fragile King) and Catharina Weinek (Mrs Right Guy, Pou), Headspace is a universal story of
becoming a hero against all odds.

This animation gem offers an exciting blend of adventure, humor, and heart. With a captivating storyline
and top-notch animation, the film guarantees a memorable experience for the whole family. Not only is
Headspace a thrilling cosmic escapade, but it also highlights the power of teamwork, friendship, and
imagination, inspiring viewers to embrace their inner heroes.
“Our vision for this film speaks to our innate passion for absolute creative and technical excellence,” say
directors Painter and Meyer. “It was our dream to make an action-packed, delightful, funny, and family-
orientated animation film that also celebrates the best of South African talent, while using the latest
cutting-edge technology.”

Headspace is a proudly home-grown product but with ever-expanding delivery platforms for films, it was
important that the film also be able to travel well internationally. To this end, the filmmakers have
purposefully created a fictional world with cosmopolitan characters and recognisable elements that they
imagine will appeal to tweens everywhere.
The creative team have gone the extra mile to create a cast of engaging characters, from Norman, the
reluctant hero and feisty little alien Sophie to the delightfully devilish Zolthard. In searching for the
right talent to voice these characters, the directors cast their net wide. “We chose some of South
Africa’s very best voice artists and working with them was an amazing experience,” say Painter and
Meyer. “It was exciting and very rewarding to watch them breathe life into the characters that we had
lived with for so long.”

Lending their voices to the characters are Bonko Khoza (The Wife, The Woman King) as Norman, Zak
Henrikz (7de Laan, An Act of Defiance) as Zolthard and Principal Witherington, Nelisa Ngcobo (The
Queen) as Charlene, Chris van Rensburg (Huis van Liefde) as Max, Byte and Mr Anderson, Michelle du
Plessis (Koelpixels) as Frankie, Jana Louw (Shrek: The Musical) as Sophie, Sparky Xulu (The Estate) as Mr
Hernandez, James Cairns (Donkerland) as Gus and Alejandro, Jose Domingos (Black Sails) as Mike,
Roberto Pombo (Office Invasion) as Virgil and 11-year-old Dineo du Toit (Kiya and the Kimoja Heroes) as
Headspace has already been sold to 11 international territories and is in the process of being dubbed
into isiZulu, Afrikaans and Swahili.


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