Lillian Dube receives an Honorary Doctorate


Actress Lillian Dube has recently received an Honorary Doctorate from the Tshwane University of Technology. We can’t deny the immense joy that has filled the hearts of many South Africans. The Honorary Doctorate is awarded to a person based on their contribution to the broad field of the Arts, and we could not think of anyone more deserving of such an accolade.

An emotional Lillian Dube released a statement saying “ I feel like I could wake up my late mother. She said to me while growing up, that whatever work you do, do it diligently. She said even if you sweep the floors, make people want to know who did that great work. I have taken that lesson with me all my life. Whatever I do, I do whole heartedly and these are the fruits.”

Lillian Dube is a woman who captures the essence of humility. Her hard work and diligence in the industry comes from her humble beginning as a tea lady at a furniture shop in Johannesburg. She also worked as a credit clerk for retail stores, before showcasing her acting prowess on our screens.

We’ve watched the talented Mam’ Lillian Dube capture our hearts for over 30 years. How could we forget her humorous performance as the Mielie Lady in Madam and Eve and Mmane in Skwizas. If you closed your eyes for a second, you could almost feel yourself being taken back in time, sitting in your living room and watching her incredible performance as Sister Bettina Khumalo in Soul City. 

Mam’Lillian Dube has been a mentor and an inspiration to many young actors. Her presence has given the film and television industry a sense of warmth and richness and her aura can be felt filtering through our screens into our homes. South African Television would not be the staple that it is, without Mam’ Lillian.

Dr Lillian Dube we are proud and humbled by your endless achievements.


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